We house talent representation, brand partnerships and consultancy all under Superfly Management.

SuperFly Sports Division is a career management division, focused on getting the best contracts, exposure and commercial opportunities for our clients. With the sole purpose of developing and nurturing our clients careers.

We deal with all aspects of Sporting client management and have a commitment to being transparent with our partners and to work with them to deliver deals that suit all parties involved. 




Our aim is to guide your career from start to finish… and well beyond.

Our talented team are always there to listen, help and pass on their advice. From the 16-year-old starting out to the Premier League or international star or the ‘thirtysomething’ at the end of a career we are all in it together.

In the fast paced world of sponsorship and branding we will work to build a commercial strategy that best suits you, while never taking too much attention away from your day job.

We have built relationships with the world’s leading sportswear and lifestyle brands and will tailor make a commercial strategy that best suits you as an individual.



You only get one life and our sole aim is to make it as smooth and fruitful as possible.

Our in-house team have backgrounds in both the financial and legal worlds and we top that off with partners and advisors that are second to none.

No matter what you earn and where you earn it we will help you maximise its benefit. At the same time our legal team will protect and help with all aspects of your working and home life.

Quite simply there is no escaping the power of social and digital media.

We offer comprehensive help with all your social channels from the simple ‘do’s and don’ts’ to expert advice on social brand-building and positive media.

Whatever stage you are at in your career you can be confident in our fresh approach to representing our clients. We maintain a network of contacts and partners in addition to our in house agents to maximise the outreach potential for all of our clients and their longevity.


For all representation enquiries please email